Review: A Crown of Iron & Silver by Hailey Turner

Cover for A Crown of Iron & Silver by Hailey Turner

Title: A Crown of Iron & Silver

Author: Hailey Turner

Series: Soulbound #3

Pages: 368

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This was another action packed mission for Patrick, Jono, and Patricks’ former teammates. With each book in this series we are learning more about different aspects of the world and the creatures that live within it. The previous book focused on the vampires, and this book focuses on the fae. Patrick is given a case involving a changeling child and that leads them to traveling to the fae realm and making multiple deals to stop the Dominion Sect from causing more havoc. 

“The gods gave me another fucking weapon I never asked for, but he’s mine now, and I’m keeping him.”

Patrick and Jono really show how strong their bond is in this one. They can read each other so well and instantly know how to support each other. Patrick is also finally willing to use their soulbond when the need calls for it. I also like that we are seeing Patrick being slightly less impulsive and learning to trust his pack for backup. Jono is continuing to expand his pack in this and will probably soon have to deal with the other pack alphas. I have really loved getting to see more of Sage and Wade because they are both great side characters, especially Wade and his never ending stomach. 

This case was very interesting because we really get to see how the fae and their gods work in this world. The case took them all over and they met a lot of different people, all of which were very interesting but very tricky. We get to meet Patrick’s old Mage Corp team with this mission which was a nice bonus. But I wasn’t expecting the revelations about his team captain, nor was Patrick really. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this series and the action packed cases Patrick and Jono deals with. I can’t wait to see what will happen next for them. 

Trigger Warnings: child kidnapping; brief mention of Patrick’s past sexual assault; references to Wade’s past captivity and abuse;

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