Review: All Souls Near & Nigh by Hailey Turner

Cover for All Souls Near & Nigh by Hailey Turner

Title: All Souls Near & Nigh

Author: Hailey Turner

Series: Soulbound #2

Pages: 364

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This was an action packed adventure for Patrick and Jono. Patrick’s new case involves trafficked werecreatures, vampires, new gods, and territory disputes. 

Patrick and Jono really kick ass in this one. We see them starting to work as a pack and couple to save the city and their friends. There is still a learning curve for them but they are showing signs of the power couple they will be in the future, and I can’t wait to see it. Patrick and Jono are just wonderful characters that I can’t get enough of, especially when Jono keeps getting territorial. Ugh I just love them. 

Turner does a good job at continuing to explain this world and expanding it at the same time. We see a lot of returning characters, like Lucian and Hermes, but we also meet new gods and creatures. I am really enjoying this unique world and how the gods are incorporated into it. I also like that we are not getting gods from just one mythos. The last book focused mostly on Greek gods, but this one has Aztec gods and Native gods. This is just a fascinating blend of creatures, gods, and magic. 

After everything that happens in this book I was very happy to see Jono and Patrick’s relationship growing stronger. There is still a lot of PTSD and trauma they have to work through but I know they can do it together. I also loved seeing Jono finally step up for the werecreatures and make his place in the city. He is no longer standing on the sidelines doing nothing, he is fighting back and saving his friends and fellow werecreatures. 

Overall, I am really loving this series and can’t wait to see what happens next for Patrick and Jono. Also, I really like Wade and can’t wait to see how he meshes with the pack. 

Trigger Warnings: PTSD; human trafficking and torture; Patrick is forced to take a hallucinogenic drug that causes unwanted sexual desire so the villain can sexually assault and sacrifice him (no penetration); Alcohol and cigarette addictions. 

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