Review: The Deputy and His Enforcer by Kiki Clark

Cover for The Deputy and His Enforcer by Kiki Clark

Title: The Deputy and His Enforcer

Author: Kiki Clark

Series: Kincaid Pack #3

Pages: 340

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

This one gives us a change of pace with a human and shifter pairing with the Enforcer Marcus falling for the new town Deputy, Robson Medina. Because Robson is human we learn more about mates and some history into shifters. 

Marcus was such a sweet guy who was dealing with a lot of trauma from his childhood. He has been very reserved and a stickler for the rules throughout this series so far. We finally get to see him start to trust, let his walls down, and grow more confident that he will not be abandoned by the pack. I really enjoyed getting to know him and seeing him open up to his pack more. 

Robson was a character that I struggled with. He starts as a rude jerk and believes that his family is going to be hurt by Marcus and the pack. I didn’t like how he treated his brother-in-law at first, especially since it was clear the man worshiped his sister, but he accepted him later. He also annoyed me in the sex education class scene because he basically took over the class without knowing anything about shifters or their anatomy. Robson does grow to be a better character and person by the end of the book. The only thing I really loved about Robson was that he was constantly boosting Marcus’s confidence and showing him how much he is loved by himself, and the pack.

There is very little new information about the council and what they plan to do about it in this one. I assume the next book will have more progress for that. Overall, I enjoyed this couple but had some issues with aspects of the character. 

Trigger Warnings: Recent death of a parent from cancer referenced; child abuse referenced; on page panic attacks

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