ARC Review: Knightmaster by Anna Hackett

Cover for Knightmaster by Anna Hackett

Title: Knightmaster

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Oronis Knights #1

Pages: 240

Release date: March 16, 2023

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Xenoanthropologist Kennedy Black’s dream of exploring new cultures has finally been fulfilled when she is assigned to escort the new ambassador to the planet Oron for a ball. This is the first time Earth has been able to visit the planet of the Oronis Knights but her excitement is cut short when aliens attack and Earth gets blamed. Now she has to work with the sexy Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor to find his missing Knightqueen. 

This was a great introduction for this new series and this new group of aliens. This is set in the same universe as the Eon Warriors series, but you don’t have to read that series to understand what is happening here. We do get a brief look at a few of the Eon Warrior couples in this though which was a nice surprise. I enjoyed seeing them again and seeing how their futures are playing out. 

“He was realizing that taking care of Kennedy Black had become a part of his duty, too. One he was desperate to carry out. He wanted to take care of her in every way possible.”

Kennedy and Ashtin were a great couple. They had an instant attraction that led to a lot of heavy flirty and making out at first. While this is technically an instant love story, it didn’t feel like it because they are dealing with so many different threats that it was a longer period of time than just a few days. I really enjoyed their relationship though. Kennedy was a smart and capable heroine who keeps Ashtin on his toes. She never backs down and was the perfect partner for Ashtin. Ashtin was known as a controlled and steady man who has never let anyone close. I loved seeing him fall, and fall hard, for Kennedy. One of my favorite microtropes is when a hero loses his shit when the heroine almost gets hurt and it just made me love Ashtin more. 

“He’d lay his life down for her. This woman from Earth had earned his respect. She was smart, capable, courageous. A true partner. And she saw him, not just the dedicated knightmaster.”

The Oronis Knights’ enemy is an alien species called Gek’Dragar. They were defeated by the Oronis Knights centuries ago and have returned to try and take over again. This involves kidnapping the Knightqueen. These two alien species are very interesting and dangerous. While we do get to see some of what both species are capable of, I am very excited to learn more in future books. Overall, this is a very fascinating world with great characters. Hackett does a great job at creating rich and unique worlds and pairing them with fantastic characters. I can’t wait to read book two and see what happens next. 

Trigger Warnings: kidnapping; injuries; reference to death of parents during archeological expedition; references to child abandonment; 

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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