Review: The Second and His Bonded by Kiki Clark

Cover for The Second and His Bonded by Kiki Clark

Title: The Second and His Bonded

Author: Kiki Clark

Series: Kincaid Pack #2

Pages: 334

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This book takes place a few months after the previous book, and focuses on Rick’s second-in-command, tiger shifter Bennett Young. This was another very sweet story of two lonely people finding love and happiness.

Kieran may be a part of the Kincaid Pack but he has kept himself secluded and apart. I really loved watching Kieran gain confidence and build himself a place in the pack. He may not have been able to help his father’s pack when he was a part of them but now he finds the strength and confidence to do something. I loved seeing Kieran’s growth throughout this book. 

“You deserve someone who’ll take care of you, and I’ve wanted to be that person for a long time. I’ll give you what you need, and you’ll be mine.”

Bennett is an alpha caretaker. He takes care of the pack and is devoted to keeping everyone safe. I loved seeing him fall for Kieran and take care of him. Bennett helps Kieran find his strength and confidence and never stifles his feelings or needs. Also, I just loved how much of a cat he was. He is constantly lounging in the sun and cuddly with Kieran. 

Overall, this was another wonderful book. I really adore this pack and their determination to make a place where everyone is welcome. 

Trigger Warnings: References to abusive families; death of mother briefly referenced;

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