Review: The Alpha and His King by Kiki Clark

Title: The Alpha and His King

Author: Kiki Clark 

Series: Kincaid Pack #1

Pages: 380

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Well this was surprisingly wonderful! This was an interesting paranormal town with shifters, witches, seers, and humans living harmoniously under Alpha Garrick “Rick” Kincaid’s leadership. I really liked that this pack included all kinds of paranormals and humans because it makes for a richer world and some very interesting side characters. Between the pack politics and romance, I may have found a new favorite series, but we will see. 

Kai and Rick’s relationship was very sweet and instantly sucked me in. Rick is the alpha who is determined to take care of his pack and treat people equally. I loved that he has gone against the norm for packs in this world and actually values his pack and the humans within it. Rick was a great alpha because everyone knows they are safe with him and can be vulnerable. While this is a fated mate’s romance, they do take their time getting to know each other which allows Kai to become part of the pack first. 

Kai started as a scared and worried young man who is just trying to keep his siblings safe. He initially struggles to find his place in the pack and accept that they won’t push him out. Kai’s abusive upbringing really makes him seem like he is older than he is, which is probably 19-20 years old. I really enjoyed watching him blossom under the Kincaid pack and become his own person, not just a sibling and caretaker. I also loved seeing him stand up for himself against Rick and demanding a true partnership for their relationship. 

Overall, this was a wonderful world with a wonderful romance. These two were just so sweet and caring, and I just couldn’t get enough of them.  I can’t wait to read the next one. 

Trigger Warnings: Kai’s father and stepmother were physically abusive and forced Kai and his siblings to live in the shed; panic attacks; starvation; PTSD; references to other characters leaving abusive packs; 

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