ARC Review: Conquer the Kingdom by Jennifer Estep

Title: Conquer the Kingdom 

Author: Jennifer Estep 

Series: Gargoyle Queen #3

Pages: 432

Release date: March 7. 2023

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

I can’t believe Gemma’s story is already at the end! This book picks up a few weeks after Milo attacked during the Summit. Gemma, Reiko, and Leonidas have all been trying to find Milo and stop him before he can implement his next plot. But with the Sword and Shield tournament coming to Glanzen, Gemma knows that it would be a perfect opportunity to attack and cause the most damage.

Like the previous books in this series, I couldn’t put this down. Gemma is a strong, determined, and resourceful woman who uses her position as princess to spy and protect her kingdom. Gemma really has grown so much since the first book. She is no longer the woman who is scared of her magic, but a fierce warrior who is finally embracing all her abilities, especially with the gargoyles. I loved seeing her finally figure out what her abilities can do and embrace the moniker Gargoyle Queen. 

Gemma and Leonidas continue to grow stronger as they are figuring out how to be a couple with families that are enemies. There were a few tense moments for them but in the end they realize their love is more important than crowns. Leonidas really is a wonderful partner for Gemma and I loved seeing him support her during her various duties and fights. I do really wish we had his POV for some of these scenes because I would have loved to know how he was dealing with some of the situations in this. 

The battle against Milo was everything I would have expected from this ruthless and cruel prince. His plan was very unique and deadly, and I enjoyed watching Gemma thwart him at every turn. The biggest surprise for me in this was Queen Meaven. She really surprised me because for so long she is viewed as an evil queen but you really see more than that in this one. I also enjoyed the side relationship building between Reiko and Kai. Those two are great side characters and I love seeing them finally admit their feelings for each other. 

We also learn about a prophecy in this about three queens, two of which have passed. It was a very interesting prophecy and it makes me hope that there might be another spin-off series coming in the future. I can at least hope for that because I want more books in this world. Overall, this was an absolutely wonderful conclusion for Gemma and Leonidas. I will miss these characters. 

Trigger warnings: PTSD; torture; death of parent referenced; blood and death;

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