Review: Rocky Start by Annabeth Albert

Cover for Rocky Start by Annabeth Albert

Title: Rocky Start

Author: Annabeth Albert

Series: A-List Security #4

Pages: 311

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

“Even if your label changes because you discovered something new about who you are, you’re still you, and you’re valid exactly as you are.”

This was a beautiful story about two men discovering their true selves! When Malik tries to do a nice thing for brokenhearted Avery on Valentine’s Day it leads to them having a scorching kiss and the discovery that they clearly aren’t straight. Now they will be spending weeks in the remote mountains for a movie shoot as roommates. 

Malik was an extremely sweet and caring man. I loved seeing him take care of Avery. He helps Avery accept his true self and get over his fears of not being straight.  Malik may be very alpha at times, but we do see him learn to lean on others and accept help from Avery.  Also, I loved that he was a foodie and was always so excited to show Avery new foods.

Avery is a man who has a lot of insecurities he had to work through. He struggles with his height, being an amputee, not being good enough, and his internalized homophobia. Avery was very hot and cold at the beginning of this book because of all these struggles which did made it harder for me to warm up to him, but once I did, I really liked him. Avery really struggles with the revelation that he wasn’t straight but he actually listens to Malik and works through these fears to find acceptance.  Avery really blossomed with Malik and I loved seeing him become his true self. 

These two had a very steamy and fun Dom/Sub relationship that I loved. I loved how they took the time to learn each other and what they liked. Malik really sees Avery and helps him see how beautiful he is inside and out. I also loved how Malik helped Avery accept that he wanted to wear lingerie and be more feminine. These two were so sweet and caring, but also so hot and steamy that it was just the perfect combination for me. 

Overall, Malik and Avery were an absolute wonderful couple and I couldn’t get enough of them. Albert is really killing it with this series and I really can’t wait to read the next one. 

Trigger Warnings: internalized homophobia; PTSD; War themes (including death of friends)

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