Review: Monster in the Mirror by Kristen Painter

Title: The Monster in the Mirror

Author: Kristen Painter 

Series: Shadowvale #6

Pages: 382

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

“We’re all monsters, Edgar. In our own ways.”

As soon as I saw this book was going to involve Dr. Henry Jekyll I knew it was going to be a good one. Henry was introduced very briefly in the first book and I have been hoping we would see him find a cure for his curse. Well this book was wonderful and everything I was hoping for. 

Isadora Graham comes to Shadowvale in the hopes she can start a life away from her brother’s terrible legacy. She just wants a quiet place where she can start her own business but instead finds a cursed town, a cursed neighbor, and a whole lot of acceptance. I loved seeing Isadora adjust to finding out about the paranormal and her abilities. Before coming to Shadowvale, Izzy didn’t even realize she had paranormal abilities but she embraces them fully once she finds out the truth. I really liked Izzy. She was sweet, compassionate, and a wonderful organizer. I loved seeing her help Henry and Edgar. She shows both Henry and Edgar that they are not monsters just because of their appearance. 

“Izzy, you are the light in my very dark life. Which, thanks to you, no longer seems quite so dark. I hope you know that.”

Dr. Henry Jekyll has lived with the curse of Edgar his whole life. He, the men in his family, have spent years trying to find a cure for this curse that his great-grandfather created. Izzy comes into his life unexpectedly but is just the person he needs. She reorganizes his life and pushes him to be a little more active in the community. Henry really comes out of his shell with Izzy and I just loved seeing him fall so hard for her. I enjoyed learning about how Henry has lived with Edgar and loved seeing him and Izzy work together for a cure. I was very surprised by how they cured him and dealt with Edgar. 

Overall, this was another wonderful Shadowvale book. I really love this series and the very unique beings that live within it. I really hope we will see more Shadowvale books in the future from Painter. 

Trigger warnings: Isabella’s brother is an arsonist and serial killer. Reference to abandonment by mother; On page arson cases; 

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