Review: A Vampire’s Kiss by Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for A Vampire's Kiss by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: A Vampire’s Kiss

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Dark Protectors #15.5

Pages: 136

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

Athan Maxwell and his family are cursed to die if they don’t find their mate by their 400th year. Athan solved this problem by finding his mate and saving her, but then letting her go to live her life without him. They only meet up a few times a year to exchange blood to keep each other immortal. But when the enemy finds Ivy, Athan refuses to leave her alone anymore. 

Well I am sad to say this but this book didn’t work for me. Athan and Ivy’s relationship was basically a marriage of convenience. He didn’t really want to be mated but did it so he could continue his job as a hunter. I didn’t like Athan at all. He is controlling, pushy, and his actions showed that he didn’t want the true Ivy. He wanted a biddable wife who would stay safe, not the strong, independent woman who knows her own mind. Also he was constantly calling her a brat when she was trying to voice her opinion and stand up for herself and I hate that. 

Ivy was an interesting heroine. She has been living her life to the fullest and created many businesses, including her new one of hunting online predators. I liked how she didn’t give into Athan’s demands of being a good little wife. I was very disappointed that she decided to mate him fully after he stated his feelings. Nothing about his actions showed he loved and appreciated this woman but she accepted his declaration and fell into her feelings for him. This was the only time I didn’t really like her.

Overall, this was not my favorite Dark Protectors book. I continued reading in the hopes their relationship would get better but it didn’t for me. I did like Leah and grandma Nia. I don’t know if I am going to enjoy the Maxwell brother’s future stories but I will at least give them a chance. 

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