Review: Bright Blaze of Magic by Jennifer Estep

Cover for Bright Blaze of Magic by Jennifer Estep

Title: Bright Blaze of Magic

Author: Jennifer Estep

Series: Black Blade #3

Pages: 322

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

It’s been a few weeks since the Tournament of Blades and Lila has discovered part of Victor Draconi’s plot. While she foils part of his plan, things still don’t go smoothly and the war between the Draconi’s and the rest of the Families finally happens.

This was a good ending for the series. Victor’s plan to end the families was interesting and deadly. I really enjoyed watching Lila and Sinclair’s foil parts of his plan and irritated him. Lila really utilizes everything she has been taught by her mother and from living on her own in this book. She keeps her friends safe, has multiple backup plans, and her kindness to the monsters comes into play. I have enjoyed Lila’s journey a lot and find this town of magical families to be really interesting, much like Ashland is in the Elemental Assassin series. 

This book does have the trope of the chosen one, which I like sometimes.  Lila is the only one who can defeat Victor and his magic with her transference ability. I liked seeing Lila finally get revenge against Victor, but I couldn’t see Claudia stepping aside and letting Lila take over the battle. Claudia is an extremely protective mother and leader of the Sinclairs and her having Lila fight Victor instead of herself was a bit unrealistic to her character. That said, I did enjoy the fight and how it played out. 

Lila and Devon’s relationship continues to grow in this one. Lila still keeps some barriers up at first but after Victor’s attack she finally admits her feelings. I have really enjoyed their building romance. It was slow paced like a first relationship should be and took time to actually get to know each other. I also liked that it doesn’t overshadow the fight against the Draconi’s but adds a nice break from it. 

Overall, this was a great urban fantasy series and a great group of characters. I really enjoyed Lila and the gang’s adventures in defeating a ruthless leader. Also, I loved all the different monsters in this, especially the Lochness. I kind of want more books in this town just so I can see what other kinds of creatures live there. 

Trigger Warnings: torture; death; death of a parent mentioned;

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