2022 Reading Wrap Up

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2022 is finally over so that means it’s time to break down my reading for the year. I read more in 2022 than ever before and I loved it.

Books Read:

I read 618 books in 2022!

Now lets see the stats for these books!

A bar graph showing 2022 reading by month.

This year I tried to focus heavily on my backlog and as you can see, I didn’t do as much rereading as I normally do. I plan to keep this up because I want to try to clear my backlog by 2025.

  • New: 444
  • Re-reads: 174


A bar graph showing 2022's pages per month

Total pages: 129,140

As you can see, my page count fluctuated quite a lot. July was my highest page count though which surprises me because I thought it would be August since it the month I barely listened to any audiobooks.

Listening Time:

A bar graph showing 2022 listening time per month

Total listening time: 457 hours 30 minutes

I listened to a lot of audiobooks this year. I find them very convenient for certain aspects of my job. I especially have been loving nonfiction books in audio.

Book Lengths:

A bar chart showing the average book length for 2022

This year I started tracking my average page length for books. Apparently for 2022, the majority of what I read was under 200 pages. A good chunk of those were probably graphic novels and manga.

Audiobook Lengths:

A bar graph showing audiobook lengths for 2022

As with the pages, I also tracked audiobook lengths. For 2022 the majority of my audiobooks were 8-9 hours long.


Bar graph showing 2022 reading formats
  • eBooks: 407
  • Paperback: 0
  • Hardback: 6
  • Audiobooks: 60
  • Graphic Novels: 89
  • Manga: 24
  • Webcomic: 9
  • Bonus Shorts: 22

Like usual, the majority of my reading was done with eBooks. I read 89 graphic novels this year, most of which were in e-format as well. Also, I am so happy that I read so many graphic novels in 2022 and can’t wait to read more in 2023.


A bar graph showing 2022 reading sources
  • Purchased eBook: 280
  • Purchased Book: 16
  • ARCs: 73
  • Library: 83
  • Kindle Unlimited: 54
  • Purchased Audio: 27
  • Audible Borrow: 11
  • Free Online: 47
  • Webtoon: 8
  • Shonen Jump: 19

I am very happy with this chart because I read 83 books from my library. I want to get over 100 for 2023. I also plan on reading more Manga in 2023 so I will be using my Shonen Jump subscription more.


A pie chart for 2022 reading genres

As you can see from this chart, I had a pretty balanced year. As usual, the majority was paranormal romance but LGBTQIA was second and Sci-Fi third. I am very happy I found my Sci-Fi groove this year because I have missed it.


Pie chart showing 2022 reading tropes pie chart

This chart is a bit chaotic but as you can see my main tropes are fated mates, forced proximity, and friends to lovers.


A bar chart showing 2022 ratings

In 2022, I gave mainly 4 star ratings and I DNF 16 books. I am happy with this because I am trying to get better at not reading books I don’t enjoy. I still have some work to do though because I did rate 31 books as 2 stars and I probably should have DNF most of those.

Most Read Authors:

A bar chart showing 2022's most read authors

As you can see from the chart, I had a lot of repeat authors this year. Anna Hackett was my most read author because I reread four of her series this year then all her new releases. Basically the first five authors are my go to authors and I basically binge read all their stuff. I did have a few new authors this year like K. M. Neuhold, Anne Bishop, and Rick Riordan.

Money Saved:

A bar chart showing 2022 yearly savings.

This is my yearly savings using my library, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible’s Plus Catalog. I just started to track these this year but figured I would share it with you so you can see how much money you could save using some of these services.

I buy KU is 6 month subscriptions and that total is subtracted to show accurate amount saved. Also, I only have Audible sporadically because I usually only get it when they do cheaper membership promotions so that is why the savings is less for it, but it is still a good amount saved.

And that is my 2022 reading wrap up! Did you have a good reading year?

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