Review: Sugar Plum Spies by Jennifer Estep

Title: Sugar Plum Spies

Author: Jennifer Estep

Narrators: Helen Laser, Lance Danton, Nathaniel Black

Series: Section 47 #2

Length: 4 hrs and 54 mins

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Charlotte Locke and Desmond Percy are spending Christmas in a German castle undercover. They are searching for any information about Henrika Hyde and any information on her associates. But this Christmas party quickly gets dangerous and Desmond and Charlotte have to work fast to stop another disaster from happening. 

This was another enjoyable story with Charlotte and Desmond. Charlotte continues to be a smart and fascinating heroine. Her abilities continue to be extremely helpful in her line of work and I really like seeing how she utilizes them. Like the previous book, Charlotte does spend most of her time working on her own to thwart the bad guys. Desmond helps at times but he is dealing with his own part of the mission. I definitely enjoy seeing Charlotte outsmart the terrorists and save the day. 

Desmond is just as suave and deadly as he was in the previous book. I enjoyed seeing Desmond struggling with his feelings to protect Charlotte during the mission, but he never stops her from doing her duty. These two’s relationship has grown since  the previous book, but you can tell they are still in the early phase of their relationship. This was an intense and action packed holiday for these two. I enjoyed the continuation of their story and the progress made towards finding Henrika. 

I did have two issues with this book though. One, they changed the narrator for Desmond. I definitely preferred the previous narrator but I do think Lance Danton did a decent job. I was just used to the previous narrator. Two, this is an extremely minor story issue that probably only bothers me because I am an archivist. You don’t wear white gloves when handling rare books. You are more likely to damage a book wearing gloves because of lack of dexterity. If you want to handle rare books, just wash your hands first. Clean hands are the standard. Neither of these issues affected my rating but I just needed to point them out. 

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