Review: The Empty Night by Jess Anastasi

Cover for The Empty Night by Jess Anastasi

Title: The Empty Night

Author: Jess Anastasi

Series: Atrophy #4

Pages: 352

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

A year has passed since the events in the previous book. The crew has been staying in the Barbary Belt and doing jobs for Blackstone. But when Qae gets mixed up with Blackstone’s daughter he finds himself sent on a dangerous mission as punishment. 

I loved this book. It has been my favorite couple so far. Qae and Cami were wonderful characters that I loved getting to know better. Qae has been the charming and reckless smuggler for most of this series but we finally get to see the more personal side of him. He is smart, protective, and a gentleman who is always helping those in need. I liked that while he may bend the rules, he still has a strong moral compass. Qae was just a charming criminal and I loved him so much.

Cami Blackstone was a strong woman who has spent her life in the shadow of her fathers reputation. All of her relationships have failed because of her father scaring them away. But when she meets Qae she is instantly attracted to him, especially since he doesn’t know who she is. I loved seeing these two grow closer while they fought their attraction to each other, especially since her father forbade them to be together.  Cami was a strong, brave, and badass woman who never backs down, and I absolutely loved her. 

While Cami and Qae are the main couple, we also see a lot of development with Rian. Rian has changed so much since the first book. He is starting to accept more people into his little family and starting to deal with his anger. I am very interested in learning about the new connection between Rian, Varean, and Ella. While I have been iffy on Rian’s character since the beginning, this book really made me come to like him and look forward to the next book now. 

Trigger warnings: Heroine was kidnapped as a child and almost sold into slavery; death of a parent mentioned; panic attacks; 

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