Review: The Lost Stars by Jess Anastasi

Cover for The Lost Stars by Jess Anastasi

Title: The Lost Stars

Author: Jess Anastasi

Series: Atrophy #2

Pages: 392

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This was another wonderful and action packed romance! This was nonstop action from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. Lieutenant Marshal Mae Petros has been tasked by Rian to determine if his friend Captain Admiral Zander Graydon has been switched with a Reidar. What starts as a simple mission turns into a fight for their lives and fight their attraction for each other.

Like I said, I couldn’t put this down. Graydon and Mae had instant attraction and the circumstances they dealt with just pushed them closer. Mae was a badass. I loved how smart, confident, and determined she was. She never backed down and wasn’t afraid to put Graydon or Rian in their places. Jess Anastasi really knows how to write a strong female character and I can’t wait to see the future heroines of this series because of it. Graydon is a straight-laced military man who struggles to grasp the alien invasion and having to break the law. I enjoyed getting to know Graydon and Mae as they struggle to survive a transport crash, bombs, and assassins. 

The fight against the Reidar is picking up. The Imojenna crew finds new allies and gathers new information against them. I really loved seeing the Imojenna crew again and getting to learn more about Rian. He is a complicated character filled with pain who is struggling with alcohol addiction and PTSD. I am still not sure if I like him but he is a character that I am eager to learn more about. Also, I really enjoyed the Ebony Winter crew and hope we see more of them. 

Trigger warnings: PTSD; death; attempted rape of a side character;  Rian is an alcoholic.

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