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I have been in a Sci-Fi mood lately so I figured now would be a good time to recommend some of my favorite Sci-Fi romances. All of these are series because I apparently don’t ever gravitate towards standalones, but that just means more books to fall in love with.

I am organizing this mostly by the series, but the first two are organized by the author because they have written multiple Sci-Fi series that I love.

Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett is a prolific writer and a lot of her series are Sci-Fi romances. I really enjoy her work so I always recommend her series. Also all of these series are complete now so you don’t have to wait for any new releases.

Honey Phillips

Honey Phillips is one of my go to authors when I want to read sweet, short, and usually fun alien romances. These three series are ones that I have really enjoyed of hers and recommend. Also, Honey Phillips is a prolific writer of sci-fi romances so I always recommend her work.

Ruby Dixon

I feel like you can’t create a sci-fi romance list without including Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series. This is a fated mates, alien abduction romance series that involves a lot of pregnancies. There are currently 20 books in the IPB series, and I think that will be it but not 100% on that.

The Icehome series by Ruby Dixon is a spin-off of the IPB series. It is on the same planet but at a different settlement. This one also involves different types of aliens paring up with humans. This series is ongoing and is currently at 17 books.

Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews

The Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews is currently five books long and is an ongoing series. Its about a Innkeeper who is uses her house on Earth as a waypoint for alien travelers. Also, she can use her magic to basically change the house to accommodate any species. I really enjoy Dina’s whole story and romance to her werewolf warrior.

Metahuman Files series by Hailey Turner

The Metahuman Files series by Hailey Turner is a LGBTQIA, military Sci-Fi series, set in 2284 and the world has been ravaged by climate change and a toxin called Spice, which either kills or gives superpowers. There is a 6 book series with three novellas.

Tornians series by M. K. Eidem

The Tornian series by M. K. Eidem is one of my most reread sci-fi series. It’s about a alien world that is basically dying from lack of females being born. Its like 200 to 1 odds and breeding with other species usually ends in stillbirths. The females have basically become greedy and jump to whoever will give them the most goods. When human females are found though that changes and now they are trying to capture/entice more human females to their planet.

Also, technically the first book should be Wray since his story starts this whole series, but reading it in the published order works as well. Also, the author has written a spin-off series, Kaliszians, and it also involves humans rescued from alien slavers and ties into this series.

Do you have a favorite Sci-Fi romance? Let me know in the comments because I am looking for more recs!

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