Review: Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

Cover for Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

Title: Always Practice Safe Hex

Author: Juliette Cross

Series: Stay A Spell #4

Pages: 379

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Well this book surprised me. Livvy and Gareth’s rivalry began in the previous book and it just got more intense in this one. From the beginning these two have an intense chemistry filled with lots of steamy eye contact and banter. The competition they are competing in means that they are constantly working together and can’t ignore their attraction to each other, even if Livvy really tries to at first. 

Livvy is a witch with the ability of persuasion. She is charismatic and charming as well so she doesn’t have to use her gifts a lot of the time. Livvy struggles with her attraction to Gareth because she thinks its all their rivalry at first. After multiple friends and family members point out that her past relationships have shown she needs a strong and dominant person, she finally admits to wanting Gareth. I liked Livvy a lot. She is a bisexual witch who thinks she wants a sweet and calm partner but realizes a dominate alpha male is actually what she needs. She may submit to Gareth in the bedroom but she never loses her true self. She is smart, sassy, and determined to keep Gareth on his toes. 

“She could call me anything, say anything, do anything, and I’d remain right where I was. At her side, where I finally knew down to the depths of my jaded soul, I belonged.”

Gareth is a grim reaper who is deadly but also surprisingly sweet. He is an alpha male who loves to be in control in the bedroom. Gareth’s upbringing has caused him to keep everyone at a distance and so he struggles to let Livvy in at first. Once he let Livvy in though he went all in and was a protective teddy bear. I really loved Gareth. He was this untouchable alpha male who worships the ground Livvy walks on. 

Livvy and Gareth’s relationship was steamy! Gareth likes to be in control and Livvy learns that she likes to submit. Their relationship was filled with a lot of steamy looks, words, spankings, bondage, and a very intense shaving scene. On top of great sex, these two really had some great scenes with them getting to know each other and for Gareth, meeting the family. I just loved everything about their relationship and really look forward to seeing them in future books. 

On top of having a wonderful couple, this series also had a lot of wonderful and fun scenes with the rest of the Savvoie family and the supernatural community. There was a wet t-shirt contest with the wolf pack, a guys night out playing a tabletop role-playing game, and family dinners together. This was just a wonderful story that had a little bit of everything. I can’t wait to read the next book and see Jules let Ruben in again. 

Trigger Warnings: sexual harassment; attempted sexual assault; 

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