Review: Bad Deal by Annabeth Albert

Cover for Bad Deal by Annabeth Albert

Title: Bad Deal

Author: Annabeth Albert 

Series: A-List Security #3

Pages: 299

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

TV show creator Ambrose has a crush on Harley, the head of security for his current production. When Harley saves him from a parking lot mugging they both start to realize they have feelings for each other. Add in a fake boyfriend for Ambrose’s nieces wedding and things between Ambrose and Harley quickly head up. 

This was a wonderful and sweet romance. Harley and Ambrose are both in their 40s and have stable careers. They expect to be single for the rest of their lives and are quite surprised by their feelings for each other. I really loved that we have an older, mature couple finding love. Harley is a veteran who has never had a relationship and frequently bashed on them in the past. But being around Ambrose changes everything for him. Harley may not have any experiences with a relationship, or with another man, but he really is a wonderful partner. I really loved how sweet and protective Harley was. He may be a protective security guard but he also was never pushy or controlling about security. He was always making sure Ambrose was comfortable with everything and put his needs and feelings first, which I loved. 

“No matter how far I fell, he’d catch me. His strength, in all senses of the word, made it so easy to let go and soar.”

Ambrose is a successful TV show creator. He has a very successful career and is determined to finish his show how he wants to. Ambrose also has an anxiety disorder and has a very small and ugly support dog that doesn’t like anyone. I really loved how Harley never made Ambrose feel bad about his anxiety disorder and went out of his way to include Hercules (the dog) in as much as possible. Their relationship was sweet, steamy, and a lot of fun. I especially loved all the discussions about what each they liked and that sex wasn’t the main focus for them. 

Overall, this was a wonderful low-angst romance story with a lot of steam and comfort. If you love fake relationships, one bed, praise and edging kink, and a whole lot of comfort, then pick up this book. 

Trigger warnings: mugging attempt;  anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD

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