Review: Crowbones by Anne Bishop

Cover for Crowbones by Anne Bishop

Title: Crowbones

Author: Anne Bishop

Series: The World of the Others #3

Pages: 363

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

In this book we return to The Jumble and Vicki DeVine’s life. This story starts on Trickster Night (which is basically Halloween) but the day doesn’t end with just candy and horror movies, instead it ends in death. 

This story is basically a murder mystery, which was surprising and very interesting. Vicki, Officer Grimshaw, Ilya, and Julian are all working together to try and figure out who is killing people, why they are killing people, and how exactly the Crowbones fits into the story. The search for the killers was very interesting and detailed. I enjoyed all the different steps that the gang had to uncover to figure out what was happening. It wasn’t an easy mystery to figure out and it kept me hooked to the story.

Crowbones was a fascinating and deadly Elder. I really am enjoying how unique the creatures in this world are and how they have their own hierarchy. Crowbones was definitely a scary creature who doesn’t mess around with traitors. I really enjoyed learning about them but wish we had gotten to know more, but that is just because I am very curious about the creatures in this word. 

We also see a lot of character development in all the characters since they were introduced in Lake Silence. Vicki is still struggling with her panic attacks but she is getting stronger and finding her sand as she puts it. She is slowly starting to stand up for herself and is slowly starting to let Julian into her life. Julian is slowly letting us know about his past. He also has amazing patience and is perfect for Vicki I think. Grimshaw started out as a loner officer and is now sheriff of the town. He is a great sheriff and works well with the Others to protect the town. He also isn’t afraid to make tough choices if it means protecting the whole town. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this murder mystery. It was a nice change of pace with this series while also showing a lot of growth in these returning characters. I can’t wait to read more books in this series. 

Trigger Warnings: death; gore; brainwashing; kidnapping; drug use; child death;

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