ARC Review: Iron Ember by Donna Grant

Title: Iron Ember

Author: Donna Grant

Series: Skye Druids #1

Pages: 362

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

Elodie MacLean has reluctantly returned to Skye and is repairing her childhood home. Unfortunately, the house, and the island of Skye, is filled with painful memories that she longs to escape but first she has to survive someone trying to kill her. 

This book was just ok for me. I was hoping that I would enjoy this new spin-off series but I found Elodie to be annoying which killed most of my enjoyment of reading this book. Elodie comes to Skye as a last resort and is trying to change her life around. Unfortunately, for a lot of this book we have no idea why she feels trapped or why she ran from the island to begin with. Elodie also said she wanted to change but her actions didn’t really reflect that. She pushes her sister away quite a few times and even denies her memories of the past instead of discussing it like an adult. Elodie was just a character that instantly annoyed me and it never really went away, even at the end when she was being more reasonable. 

The overarching story is a continuation of the fight against the Others. This has been a long storyline that has spanned a few series now so if you haven’t read the previous series by Grant then you might be confused by the Druid’s issues with the Others. I was surprised by how little progress was actually made against figuring out who was attacking Druids. Also, I think Rhona is being very stupid in just believing Kerry is harmless and wouldn’t retaliate. 

Overall, this was an ok couple but if you have not read the previous series, the overarching storyline might be slightly confusing for you. 

Trigger warnings: drug and alcohol use mentioned; death of parent; abusive father; grief; 

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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