Review: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

Title: Lake Silence

Author: Anne Bishop

Series: The World of the Others #1

Pages: 414

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Vicki DeVine has taken over the rustic resort near Lake Silence called The Jumble. She has slowly been renovating and getting used to her new life away from her abusive husband. But when her Crow lodger finds a dead body on the property everything changes. 

Just like the previous series, I was instantly sucked into Vicki’s story. Vicki has worked hard to open The Jumble and is still struggling with PTSD and panic attacks left over from her ex-husband. She was a great heroine. She felt like a real woman who is struggling to get through life and be happy, but life just keeps throwing curveballs at her. I enjoyed watching her get to know the Others who lived in the area and learn to trust them. She may have a lot of trauma to work through but she is definitely on the right path.

The other POV’s that were frequent in this book are Office Wayne Grimshaw and Julian Farrow. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed both of their POV’s. Grimshaw is the reluctant temp of police for the town and ends up being a good cop. He knows when to push and when to let the Others take over. Julian is a Inuit and has police training but is now a bookseller. He is a great friend for both Grimshaw and Vicki, but also just a great character. He brings a new element to this series with his intuition and I am very interested in learning more about how that works for him. Also, I really want a shirt advertising his bookstore now (Lettuce Reed) just because its so amusing.

The threat in this book is Vicki’s ex-husband and his rich friends. They think they can take over The Jumble legally and change it but the Others quickly show them how wrong they are. I really enjoyed the threat in this one and think it will actually help Vicki overcome some of her trauma after that ending. Overall, this was another really enjoyable Other book. I am loving Bishop’s writing and stories and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. 

Trigger warnings: Vicki’s ex husband was abusive; body dysmorphia; anxiety attacks; death; gore;

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