Review: Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Cover for Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Title: Marked in Flesh

Author: Anne Bishop

Series: The Others #4

Pages: 417

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

In this one, things finally come to a head between the terra indigene and the humans. The Humans First and Last movement has been doing small attacks against the Others for a while now but they finally start their major attack. Due to all the different things happening in this book, there were a lot more POVs than the previous books which means we had less time with some of the main characters.

A lot happened in this book. Meg is now known as the trailblazer of the cassandra sangue and is actively trying to find ways for the blood prophets not to cut. Meg has grown so much since the first book and in this volume we see her really step up and actively work to help everyone. I also like that she is learning when to step away and let others handle trouble. She is starting to learn that cutting isn’t always necessary. 

The HFL movement really caused a lot of problems in this book. They killed a lot of animals and Others to try to achieve their goals, which led to the Elders deciding that humans need to be thinned out. There was a lot of devastation and mass casualties in this book, which is going to change everything for the Courtyard and surviving humans. I liked that this story was told from multiple POVs because it really showed all the different things happening and why it was happening. I was a bit sad that it meant less one-on-one time with the main characters. 

Overall, this was a fantastic continuation of this story. Bishop really knows how to write unique words and characters. I also liked that there was a few bits of dry humor thrown in here to break up all the destruction. 

Trigger Warnings: self harm; animal deaths; death of a side character; gore; death

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