Review: Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Cover for Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Title: Murder of Crows 

Author: Anne Bishop

Series: The Others #2

Pages: 370

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

This was another amazing story! Just like with the first book, I was instantly addicted to this story from the very first chapter. I really love all the characters that have been introduced so far, and I just want to know more about them now. This world is so unique and fascinating that I just need to know more about it. 

This book picks up shortly after the previous one ends. Meg has settled into life at the Courtyard and is still learning how to deal with her prophecies and urges to cut. Her relationship with Simon is changing and neither of them know how to deal with it. I love seeing Simon, who is a very confident leader, struggle to understand women and his feelings for Meg. This is definitely a slow building relationship but I am 100% on board with that and can’t get enough of them!

In this story, Meg helps lead the Others to find out the source of the new drugs that are killing Others and making humans crazy. She speaks a few prophecies in this one and the Others do a good job at deciphering what they mean. I like how protective they are of Meg and her prophecies, even if they do go a bit overboard at times. Meg needs that though because it lets her know they care. 

I am jumping right into the next book now because I need to see how the Others deal with the other blood prophets and the fall out of taking down the Controller. I also really can’t wait to see more of Meg and Simon’s blooming relationship. 

If you are looking for an unique urban fantasy series, definitely pick up this series. 

Trigger warnings: self harm; rape; imprisonment; PTSD; drug use; murder; gore

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