Review: Reaper by Larissa Ione

Cover for Reaper by Larissa Ione

Title: Reaper

Author: Larissa Ione

Series: Demonica #19; Demonica Underworld #9

Pages: 325

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Wow! What a book! I couldn’t put this down and it put me through the emotional ringer. I went into this book knowing it was about Azagoth and Lilianna but I never expected everything that happened to them. This takes place shortly after Lilianna returns to Sheoul-Gra and Azagoth. They are preparing for the birth of their child but things quickly go wrong when someone tries to hurt Lilianna. This leads to her being kidnapped, which starts a world changing battle between Azagoth and the demons. 

Azagoth and Lilianna have always been one of my favorite couples. I never expected Azagoth to go so far to save Lillianna. He truly loves her with all his being and his actions in this show how far he will go to save or get revenge for her. Azagoth may turn into a monster but he is a very emotional being who truly cares about his love and family. I wanted to hug him so many times during this book because he was really tearing himself up over Lillianna’s kidnapping. 

“I just want you to know that you’re my life…Without you, I’m a monster.” “And what are you with me?” ….“A happy monster.”

Lillianna really has a rough time in this book. Not only is she pregnant, she also has complications at one point and is then kidnapped. As you can imagine, being kidnapped by demons means she is tortured and witnesses a lot of horrible things as well. Lillianna shows how strong of a woman she is during the ordeal. She never gives up on Azagoth and is constantly trying to figure out ways to free herself. I really liked Lillianna before, but now that we have seen her inner strength, I love her even more and think she is the perfect partner for Azagoth. 

Like I said, this whole book was an emotional rollercoaster of pain and love. We have the pain and grief of Azagoth and Lillianna’s situation but there is also the death of another main character in this series. Azagoth’s actions in this book change the whole dynamics of the world for demons and angels. It will be extremely interesting to see how the future books deal with the fall out and how Azagoth deals with his punishment. 

Overall, this was an emotional and world changing book filled with love, pain, and grief. I really can’t wait to read the new series that will be coming out featuring everyone’s children now. 

Trigger Warnings: torture; pregnancy complications; poisoning; death of a sibling; grief

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