ARC Review: Hades by Anna Hackett

Cover for Hades by Anna Hackett

Title: Hades

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Sentinel Security #2

Pages: 245

Release Date: September 20, 2022

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When CIA analyst Gabbi Hansley is tasked with meeting a security contractor to drop off some information, she never expects to find herself in a shootout or to end up on the run with the sexy security contractor.

This was a fast paced, action packed romance! Matteo is a former Anti-Mafia officer who really likes his job with Sentinel Security. Due to his past with the mafia, he has never had a permanent relationship with a woman but Gabbi changes everything for him in an instant. He is instantly attracted to her and does everything he can to show her how much he wants her for more than just the night. I really enjoyed how Matteo took the time to build Gabbi’s trust, especially when it comes to sex. She had a lot of trauma and barriers up that had prevented her from enjoying sex in the past, but Matteo takes his time and shows her how to embrace her sexuality. Matteo was a great hero who was protective but also respected her abilities as a CIA agent. 

Gabbi may not be a CIA field agent, but she is capable in her own way. She may have a few panic attacks along the way but she will still fight to defend herself or Matteo. I liked her a lot. She may have had a shitty family and childhood, but she didn’t let that prevent her from succeeding, even if she was playing it safe for years. Gabbi struggles to let Matteo close for a lot of this book because of the trauma of her family, but he never gives up on her. I enjoyed seeing her finally let go of the past and open up, especially with her sexuality. 

“We aren’t our pasts, Gabbi. We are who we make ourselves. We’re the values we hold, the actions we take.”

Hades and Gabbi had instant attraction that led to a lot of foreplay, and I mean a lot. The first sex scene is in the second half of the book! But, I loved it because it meant that Gabbi could learn to embrace her sexuality and trust in Matteo. This book was just a great mixture of action, danger, and romance. I am really excited to read the next book because the more I learn about the members of Sentinel Security, the more I like them. 

Trigger warnings: toxic family of alcoholics, gamblers, and drug dealers; threat of torture; 

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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