ARC Review: Called to the Deep by Desirée M. Niccoli

Cover for Called to the Deep by Desiree M. Niccoli

Title: Called to the Deep

Author: Desirée M. Niccoli 

Series: Haven Cove #1

Pages: 388 

Release Date: September 20, 2022

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Lorelei Roth’s first trip out to sea ends in tragedy, she finds herself struggling with survivors’ guilt and discovering that she isn’t only human. While dealing with all the new changes in her life, she is also dealing with her developing feelings for the captain who rescued her. 

“To think, a simple fishing captain bewitching a siren. He could ask anything of her in that moment, and she’d sing his name and deny him nothing.”

Lorelei and Killian’s story was a slow building one that was really enjoyable. Lorelei’s first trip out to sea leads to her finding out that she is a mermaid, a mermaid who eats human flesh. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of stress and fear for her, especially since she is falling for Killian. I really liked how Killian handled finding out that she wasn’t completely human. Yes, he was scared for a bit but he also realized that Lorelei was still the same person and helped her work through some of her fears. Lorelei and Killian’s relationship was very sweet and comforting. They took care of each other and worked out their issues as a team, which is always a great thing. 

Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the found family that Lorelei found. Part of Killian’s crew, and surrogate family, welcome Lorelei with open arms and make her a part of their circle. They accept everything about her and go out of their way to make sure she is safe, and cope with all the changes to her body. I really love when there is a big found family in stories like this because it’s great seeing the MC have someone to lean on, outside of their partner. 

The mermaids in this world are quite fascinating because they are not the sweet sirens from The Little Mermaid. These are sirens who sing to eat humans. I really enjoyed this world of vicious mermaids and the truths they uncover about the species. I am very interested in seeing how the mermaid’s life will change in the next book. 

Overall, this was a great slow building paranormal romance. If you are looking for a mermaid romance that isn’t all sweet and gentle, pick up this one. 

Trigger warnings: death of mother from cancer discussed briefly; grief; PTSD; survivors guilt; verbally abusive father mentioned; rape briefly mentioned; 

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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