Review: Dining with Angels: Bits & Bites from the Demonica Universe by Larissa Ione

Title: Dining with Angels: Bits & Bites from the Demonica Universe

Author: Larissa Ione

Series: Demonica #17.5; Demonica Underworld #7

Pages: 208

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The overall rating is the average of the following ratings. 

This book is part short stories and part cookbook. Each chapter is a different couple followed by multiple recipes. I am just rating this on the stories, not the recipes. 

Declan and Suzanne – 3 stars – I liked it
Suzanne and Declan are setting into their new lives with Angel in the Kitchen and DART. I like that we are seeing Suzanne and Declan figure out their future. This story also features Azagoth and Lilliana. Azagoth is in a rage and has closes Shoul-Gra to everyone. Suzanne and her siblings are rushing to figure out what happened and how to fix it. A good little addition to the series, and probably important for the next book with Azagoth. 

Wraith and Serena – 4 stars – It was really good
Wraith and Serena have been together for seven years and are raising Wraith’s son, Stewie, together. It’s time for them to tell Stewie the truth about his parentage and Serena is afraid it will backfire for her. Wraith and Serena have a bit of an argument about it but Wraith shows his love by making dinner. I loved this story. Wraith is my favorite from this series and I love seeing his growth. He really is a great partner and father. I really want more father/son bonding scenes now because it was just so cute. 

Harvester and Reaver –  3 stars – I liked it
A short scene with Harvester and Reaver participating in Suzanne’s cooking show and spending time with his sons. Harvester is still hilarious and inappropriate. Gaining her wings back didn’t change her at all and I love it. 

Shade and Runa – 3 stars – I liked it
A short scene of Shade and Runa spending some quality time together without the kids. I always like getting updates from characters who were early couples in the series. Its is just a little check in to see how their relationship has grown and what their future might include. 

Reseph and Jillian –  3 stars – I liked it
This is a short scene with Reseph and JIllian deciding their future living situation. As expected Reseph, who has abandonment issues, doesn’t really cope well with the discussion but they work through it and come up with a plan. These two still have so much trauma they are working through but they have all the time to do that now. 

Ares and Cara – 4 stars – It was really good
Ares and Cara’s baby finally arrives surrounded by friends and family. 

An interview with Eidolon and Tayla – 2 stars – It was ok
This was a short interview with Larissa interviewing Eidolon and Tayla with fan questions. It was ok. I think I would have preferred a short bonus scene with them instead of an interview. 

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