Review: Z by Larissa Ione

Cover for Z by Larissa Ione

Title: Z

Author: Larissa Ione 

Series: Demonica #14; Demonica Underworld #3

Pages: 127

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Z has been searching for over 100 years for his lost love, Lara, who has been reincarnated. When he finally finds her, he finds that it goes nothing like he expected and struggles to accept Vex. 

So when I saw this was a reincarnation story, I was a bit apprehensive about reading it. I find that I don’t usually love reincarnation because it always seems like the guy doesn’t truly love everything about their partner, just the parts that were the original being. And, I was a bit right to be worried. Z does the exact same thing. 

Z, while an interesting character, was very self-centered. He wanted things to go his way and didn’t ilke it when Vex wasn’t what he planned. He expected her to be an exact replica of Lara and when she wasn’t he got a bit heated. He also expected Vex to remember everything about her past life, including the vow of celibacy to wait for each other. It was very stupid of him to think this considering he knew that most reincarnated soul don’t remember anything. Z just got on my nerves with his constant whining about how Vex wasn’t what he was expecting. 

Vex was great. I loved her. She is tough and didn’t take any of Z’s shit. She constantly was calling him out on his bullshit and refused to let him ignore the real her. I do think she forgave him a bit easily, but that is just because I was very annoyed by him. Her ability to collect souls was very interesting and I wonder if it will be shown more in the future. 

Their relationship, once Z got his head on straight anyways, was very fast after that. They didn’t waste any time committing to each other. Overall, I did enjoy this novella but wish that I had liked Z more. 

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