ARC Review: Dark Alpha’s Command by Donna Grant

Cover for Dark Alpha's Command by Donna Grant

Title: Dark Alpha’s Command

Author: Donna Grant

Series: Reapers #15

Pages: 348

Release Date: September 6, 2022

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

After so many books, we finally see Balladyn find the one for him. Balladyn finds himself being pulled by an unknown force and finds an injured Rhona, leader of the Skye Druids. He rescues her but quickly finds he doesn’t want to ever leave her again. 

Balladyn has been a character that I have really liked since he was introduced in the Dark Kings series. He was a great Dark Fae and became a great Reaper as well. He has gone through a lot of betrayal and heartache but he keeps going. I really enjoyed seeing Balladyn open up to Rhona and embrace his feelings, which hit hard and fast. They have an instant connection that is very strong and can’t be denied.  Also, I really liked that he didn’t stop her from fighting for her people, even if he really wanted to. 

Rhona is the new leader of the Skye Druids and is still struggling to find her place. She doesn’t feel like she should be the leader and struggles to overcome her fear at being in this position. She struggles with the PTSD caused from being attacked and injured by her own kind as well. Rhona was just a wonderful heroine. She was strong, smart, and knew when to lean on others. I really liked her. 

The fight against the Others ramps up in this one and results in a big battle on Skye. I enjoyed seeing all the different races work together against the Others to defeat them. My only real complaint about this battle is that I am getting tired of the villains always escaping at the last minute. It seems to be a very common theme for Grant’s books, and while I don’t mind it sometimes, it feels like it happens with every villain in her series. 

Overall, this was a great couple and a great story. I loved that we finally get Balladyn’s story. He has been a staple of the Dark World for years now and I am glad he finally found a strong woman to walk beside him. 

Trigger Warnings: attempted murder; PTSD; mentions of torture and imprisonment; violence; battle injuries

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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