Review: Revenant by Larissa Ione

Cover for Revenant by Larissa Ione

Title: Revenant

Author: Larissa Ione

Series: Demonica #12

Pages: 286

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

For five thousand years, Revenant believed he was a fallen angel beyond redemption. Now he finds he has a twin brother who is an angel, is fighting his desire for a mysterious female named Blaspheme, and is caught in a tug of war game between Heaven and Hell. 

Revenant’s world has turned upside down since Reaver regained his memory. He no longer is sure of his place in Hell or in the world really. He is struggling to come to terms with what being a Radiant means while dealing with Heaven and Hell’s ultimatums. The only comfort and peace he is finding is with Blasphemy, but she is also keeping secrets. Revenant’s story was a wonderful redemption story that I didn’t want to put down. He is a tortured soul but he still is a good person, mostly anyways. Also I loved how sweet he was with Blaspheme. Who knew he was such a softie?

“You brought me back to life in more ways than one, Blaspheme, and I never want to be without that lifeline again.”

Blaspheme is a doctor at UG and is known as a false angel but that isn’t the whole truth. She has been hiding her true nature since she was born and the concealment is starting to fade. Blaspheme was a wonderful character. She was strong, smart, and compassionate. I loved that she never let Revenant push her around. She was always telling him off and putting him in his place, which is just what he needed. Their relationship was steamy, intense, and emotional, and I loved every minute of it. 

The ending of this book was a surprise. I was not expecting another battle against Hell again but Revenant and Reaver really surprised everyone. While this does technically end the current overarching story, I am glad this isn’t’ the last book. I am not ready for this series to end. 

Trigger Warnings: torture, rape, imprisonment, death of children mentioned, matricide, cannibalism 

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