Review: Reaver by Larissa Ione

Cover for Reaver by Larissa Ione

Title: Reaver

Author: Larissa Ione 

Series: Demonica #10

Pages: 417

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Reaver has been the reckless angel throughout this series. He has fallen, had his wings returned, and found out about his children. When he finds out that Harvester was actually an agent of Heaven and that she fell to protect his children, he decided he would do whatever he could to rescue her.

I have liked Reaver from the very beginning. He isn’t a stuffy and annoying angel like the rest we have seen. He has a sense of humor, his own code of honor, and is always determined to do the right thing, even if Heaven doesn’t see it that way. I really enjoyed his journey to rescue Harvester from Hell. It was dangerous, intense, and filled with a lot of intense feelings between them, which is just how I like it.

Harvester has been a bitchy demon for most of the series but the more you learn about her the more you realize how much she has manipulated Hell. I really like her. She is a badass angel who isn’t afraid to hurt someone. Yes, she is also very traumatize and stuffers from PTSD, but I think that is expected after being tortured for months. She was just a great character who is constantly surprising you.

Harvester and Reaver’s relationship was a lot. They both had done a lot of hurtful things to each other before they fell and Reaver lost his memory. They also did more hurtful things to each other while they were the Horsemen’s watchers. But, they work through it and eventually accept their feelings. I liked that their relationship was a work in progress. I didn’t want to see Harvester or Reaver forgive the other right away. That wouldn’t have worked with the amount of hurt they have both done to each other. I really enjoyed their relationship and look forward to seeing them as a couple in future books.

For the overarching story, Heaven and Hell are still fighting to take over the other. Lucifer is trying to be reborn and the angels are determined to prevent that. Harvester and Reaver get pulled into the fight as well. We also learn that the angels in Heaven are not as good as you expect, especially Raphael. I really wanted Reaver to do more than threaten him. Overall, this was another great story and couple. I am very curious to see the future story of this world now that the Horsemen are back in control of their seals. 

Trigger warnings: torture, gore, death, sexual assault, PTSD; pregnancy issues; blackmail used to coerce Harvester into a relationship;

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