Review: Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Cover for Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Title: Bone Crossed

Author: Patricia Briggs

Series: Mercy Thompson #4

Pages: 332

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This book picked up right where the previous one left off. Mercy has told Adam she will be his mate, but she is still dealing with the after effects of her rape so they are taking it somewhat slow. The vampires are back in this one and are again targeting Mercy.  To try and protect everyone, Mercy takes a little vacation to an old friend’s house that has a ghost problem. 

Mercy and Adam’s relationship is just starting in this one. They solidify their mating but Mercy is still struggling with panic attacks, PTSD, and her fear of rejection. She isn’t her usual spunky self but she is getting there. Adam really steps up and just shows how awesome of a man he is in this one. He is extremely supportive of Mercy and doesn’t try to change her personality, even when he knows she will find trouble. I also loved how he was constantly taking care of her and just showing how much he loved having her at his side. Adam is one of my favorite heroes of all time and I love that I am falling in love with him all over again. 

We continue to learn more about the vampire culture in this one and how dangerous it is. Stephan has been hurt badly by Marsilla in this one and knows that Mercy will help him. I felt very sorry for Stephan because he truly cares for his seethe but they still have no problem with hurting him. I just wanted to hug him so many times.

The haunted house story ended up being really interesting. We see how dangerous ghosts can apparently be. We also meet a new vampire that is very dangerous and wants Mercy for his own. I enjoyed learning more about the ghosts and vampires in this story. Like I said in other reviews for this series, Briggs really does a great job at focusing on one aspect of a world at a time so you never feel overwhelmed. She provides a rich world that just grows with each book. 

Overall, this was a great ghost adventure for Mercy. I can’t wait to reread the next book and see her relationship with Adam grow. And, to see what danger she finds next. 

Trigger Warnings: rape recounted, PTSD, panic attacks

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