ARC Review: Wolf by Anna Hackett

Title: Wolf

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Sentinel Security #1

Pages: 267

Release Date: August 9, 2022

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When CEO Lainie Madden starts receiving death threats and cyber attacks against her company, she finds herself relying on her best friend’s bossy and hot older brother for help. Former SEAL and CIA agent Nick “Wolf” Garrick is determined to keep Lainie safe and ignore how much he is attracted to her. 

I am always excited when I see a new series from Anna Hackett, especially one that is a spin-off. The Sentinel Security men originally appeared in the Norcross Series and I have been eagerly waiting to learn more about them. This book is all about Nick “Wolf” Garrick and his longtime crush on his sister’s best friend. 

Nick is a former SEAL and CIA agent. He is an alpha male with a protective streak.  After a bad mission, he is even more protective of those who he cares about. He has been fighting his feelings for Lainie since they were teenagers but now he can no longer fight it, especially after she gets injured. I love when a character loses his shit because the one he cares about is injured and Nick really embodied that. I loved how he took care of Lainie, especially after he decided he was keeping her. Nick was just a great alpha hero. 

“When I’m with you, Nick, you make me feel safe, protected…I know you’ll be there for me, no matter what.”

Lainie was a workaholic who has created a thriving company. She has had some terrible luck with men and now is leary of starting any relationship. She tries to keep Nick at arms length at first, but that doesn’t last long once she realizes he feels the same. I really liked Lainie. She never let Nick hide her or keep her from knowing what was going on. She was a capable woman and she never lets Nick forget that. I also loved that when shit hit the fan, she knew he was going to save her and tries to protect herself until he can get there. She doesn’t wine and cry and follow along to keep herself safe. She fights back and I love seeing that.

The Sentinel Security team was very interesting. I loved the characters we met so far, even if we don’t know a lot about them. I especially loved Hex and can’t wait to see her fall in love. She seems like she will be a fun character. Overall, this was a great start for a new series and I can’t wait to learn more about this team. 

Trigger warnings: death threats; attempted murder; death of a sibling from cancer referenced; PTSD; violent death of a mother and child during a mission referenced; cheating by ex’s discussed; Wolf is kissed by another woman after they are together. 

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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