Review: Hard Job by Annabeth Albert

Title: Hard Job

Author: Annabeth Albert 

Series: A-List Security #2

Pages: 320

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

“Safe, I was blissfully safe in his arms, a pleasure I’d never had but couldn’t get enough of.”

Wow! I didn’t think I was going to love this as much as Cash and Danny’s book, but I did. Duncan and Ezra are complete opposites but they made a great couple. Ducan is determined to build A-List Security into a strong business, and without any media attention. He has spent his life avoiding the spotlight because of who his father is. Ezra is the complete opposite. He thrives on attention and the media seems to love him. Duncan initially is very against being Ezra’s security guard but he can’t deny it would be great for business. 

These two have instant attraction and can’t keep their hands off each other. It starts as just a fling but very quickly they realize they feel more for each other. Unfortunately, their fears get in the way, like usual, and they make some mistakes. I really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, from friends with benefits to an actual couple. It made sense with both of their situations and their feelings about relationships. 

“I’m always myself with you.”

Ezra may be the showman who loves attention but he also was really sweet and a bit of a homebody. I loved that he was happiest when they could just relax watching TV. Duncan was so sweet! Who knew this burly veteran also really loved taking care of someone. I loved seeing him finally just relax and be himself. He was so touch deprived it was sad. Ezra and Duncan were just a perfect couple because they balanced each other out and tempered some of their more extreme traits. 

“You make me less alone. You’re the friend I didn’t know I needed and the lover I was scared to want. But I’m my best self with you.”

Overall, I am really loving this series. I can’t wait to see Harley fall in love now since he is so anti-relationship. Also, I want to see how these two are in the future. 

Trigger warnings: addiction briefly mentioned; bad parenting; loss of friends/comrades referenced; on page heart attack of a stranger; 

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