Brief Hiatus and Future Changes

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Hello everyone!

So I have been running this blog for three years now and I have posted consistently almost every day. While I enjoy blogging, recently I have felt a bit burnt out, especially with everything that is going on in the world right now. I have also been struggling with my mental health and chronic migraines lately. So I have decided to take a brief hiatus and hopefully come back feeling more energized about blogging. It will probably only be a week or two, but we will see.

Jake the Dog saying "Man, I just want to sleep"

After my hiatus, I have decided that I am not going to be posting every day, at least for now. I will be doing 3 or so reviews a week to give myself a bit of a break. I have been struggling to write more full reviews for this blog. I will still be reviewing everything I read, but just in shorter, paragraph style, reviews. All of which, will be posted on Goodreads and StoryGraph. I have tried to get better at updating StoryGraph but I still prefer Goodreads.

So if you still want to see my reviews, please follow me over on Goodreads or StoryGraph.

Goodbye for now and I hope you are having a good summer!

4 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus and Future Changes

  1. It’s incredible that you’ve posted every day for three years! I only managed to do that for like, two years before burning out and taking a much needed hiatus… But the break absolutely helped me find that passion and spark for blogging again. I hope it helps you too and I hope that you get some time to take care of your health and especially the migraines. Sending love and take care, friend! 💜

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