Review: Spartan Heart by Jennifer Estep

Title: Spartan Heart

Author: Jennifer Estep

Series: Mythos Academy: Colorado #1

Pages: 332

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Rory Forseti expected this school year to be different since she actually helped fight Loki and his evil Reapers of Chaos. Unfortunately, people still see her only as the daughter of two Reaper assassins. But when artifacts from the Library of Antiquities get stolen, she finds herself joining a secret group to catch a new Reaper threat. 

After meeting Rory at the end of the Mythos series, I was very excited to learn more about her. Rory has struggled to find her place in the world now that everyone knows she is the child of Reapers. While she may be a hell of a fighter and get good grades, she is still an outcast. I actually really liked Rory. She is strong willed, compassionate, lonely, and a great fighter. 

At first I was a bit iffy if I was going to like the other members of Team Midgard, but they quickly grew on me. Zoe, Mateo, and Ian all ended up being great characters, who also will be great friends to Rory, which she really needed. There is a hint of romance brewing between Ian and Rory currently, so I am excited to see where that leads. 

For the new Reaper threat, I find it very plausible, considering the Reapers have spent centuries trying to bring Loki back. It makes sense that there would be those who aren’t happy with that and want the power for themselves. I was surprised by who the leader was, because like everyone else in the story, I thought he had already been dealt with. 

Overall, this was really enjoyable and a great start to learning more about Rory, Sigyn, and the Mythos Academy in Colorado. 

Trigger warnings:  References to the death of Rory’s parents; death of a minor side character; violence; death of mythical animals

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