Review: Stripped by K. M. Neuhold

Cover for Stripped by K. M. Neuhold

Title: Stripped

Author: K. M. Neuhold

Series: Four Bears Construction #6

Pages: 236

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

The last place Miller expects to run into his childhood camp crush is at the local university. Unfortunately, Demetri has sworn off dating, so instead Miller just offers his friendship, at least for now. 

I loved these two. They had a wonderful, sweet, and fun romance that was just perfect. Miller was so sweet and fun. I loved how he was always trying to get Demetri out of his shell and be more confident. Also, I loved how he got excited about Demetri’s pet and was always excited to include it during their time together. Demetri is a nerdy professor who has had a terrible history of partners. They have really killed his confidence in himself and others. I really enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell and regain his confidence. 

Miller and Demetri both struggle with body dysmorphia, but for different reasons. Miller is afraid he won’t be perceived as a man, and Miller fears that he is unattractive because he is not buff. I loved how these two both helped each other overcome these fears. It was just wonderful to see how a healthy relationship can change your life. 

Overall, this was another wonderful couple for this series. I am loving all of these guys. Also, it was hilarious to find out the real reason behind the name “Four Bears” for their business. I should have known Stone was the one to come up with the name.  

Trigger warnings: body dysmorphia 

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