Review: Crimes of Passion by Jack Harbon

Cover for Crimes of Passion by Jack Harbon

Title: Crimes of Passion

Author: Jack Hardon

Narrators: Kevin Free, Ron Butler

Length: 2 hrs and 41 mins

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Emery Thompson hates Calvin Chamberlain. When they are tasked with working together for a podcast series, they quickly find it hard to ignore the fierce chemistry between them. 

This was a surprisingly wonderful audiobook. For shorter romances like this one, I was concerned it would feel incomplete, but nope. This was a wonderful story about two podcasters and rivals falling in love.

Calvin’s podcast is heavily researched and info packed while Emery’s has more humor. They both discuss true crime, but Calvin has recently started focusing on the crimes of the criminal justice system towards minorities. These two are complete opposites yet they worked perfectly together. They strengthened each other’s weaknesses and made their joint podcast a success. 

I loved Emery’s humor. I laughed so many times during this from some of the crazy things he said. Calvin was relatable because I can understand having a dedication to your job and sticking to schedule. Like I said, while this is short, it was wonderfully written and had wonderful characters. I highly recommend it! 

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