Review: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology

Cover for Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBTQ Sci-Fi anthology

Title: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time

Authors: Nathan Adler, Darcie Little Badger, Gwen Benaway, Richard Van Camp, Grace Dillon, Cherie Dimaline, Daniel Heath Justice, Cleo Keahna, Mari Kurisato, David Alexander Robertson, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair

Editor: Hope Nicholson

Pages: 117

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The above rating is the average of the following ratings. 

Alien by Richard Van Camp:
3 stars – I liked it

This was a story about a two-spirit finding love. The style this was written in was very interesting because it felt like you were listening to your friend retell a story they had been told. I did feel like the alien part was just thrown in and wasn’t relevant to the story though. 

Legends Are Made, Not Born by Cherie Dimaline:
3 stars – I liked it

Trigger Warnings: death of a parent

This was interesting. We have a young child learning about his ancestors and his future path from his two-spirit aunty Dave.  I also found the story of their move to Earth 2 to be very interesting in how they focused on what was important to bring. 

Perfectly You by David A Robertson:
3 stars – I liked it

This was a very interesting story. Emma is in love with Cassie but instead of telling her, she uses a new technology that does virtual “vacations” with anyone you want. It allows her to have a chance with Cassie that she didn’t have in real life but it also shows her death. 

The whole concept of this virtual reality is very fascinating especially since it allows people to have their second chance. It makes me wonder how traumatizing these vacations could be for the people afterwards though. 

The Boys Who Became The Hummingbirds by Daniel Heath Justice:
4 stars – It was really good

This was a great story about looking for beauty and love no matter how bleak the world is. I quite enjoyed Strange Boy and Shadow Boy’s story and how they became Hummingbird Boys. 

Nele by Darcie Little Badger:
4 stars – It was really good

A great story about a veterinarian on her way to Mars for a job but instead finds love on the way. 

Transitions by Gwen Benaway:
3 stars – I liked it

A story about a transwoman in a research study who realizes that she must seek elders’ wisdom for the changes she is undergoing. It was interesting but I wish it had been slightly longer. 

Imposter Syndrome by Mari Kurisato:
2 stars – It was ok

This was ok. I was a bit confused sometimes by this world and what Aanji was doing to become a human. 

Valediction At the Star View Motel by Nathal Adler:
3 stars – I liked it

This was a brief story about two women having a fun night at a bonfire. It was pretty good for how short it was. I do wish we had learned more about Mushkeg’s ability with spiders. 

Parallax by Cleo Keahna:
1 star – Not for me

I’ll be honest, poetry is not my thing. I really didn’t understand this poem at all and have no idea what it was trying to convey. 

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