Reading the Rainbow 2022 Wrap Up!

Banner for Reading the Rainbow 2022

Reading the Rainbow is a queer romance readathon and bingo challenge created by @Booms.Books, @b.andherbooks & @Onthesampa9e on Instagram.

#ReadingTheRainbow22 took place from June 1-30th to celebrate Pride month. For this challenge, every book must feature one or more queer characters, and bonus points if the author is also queer. Any book can be used up to 2x on the bingo board.


Bingo board for Reading the Rainbow 22

This was the bingo board for #ReadingTheRainbow22. As you can see it covers a lot of different topics and tropes.

There was also a reading tracker and other story templates included with the prompts on the host’s Instagram pages.

My progress:

So, lets see how I did this month. First, here are all the LGBTQ books I read this month. This includes ones that didn’t fit the prompts.

Completed bingo board for Reading the Rainbow

Now onto the bingo board!

As you can see I completed the whole board. This challenge pushed me to read a lot of LGBTQIA books that I had on my TBR and a lot that I wouldn’t have normally picked up. I really hope this challenge happens again next year because it was fun.

The Prompts and What I Read:

Did you participate in a Pride readathon? If so, which one?

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