Review: She Came From the Swamp by Darva Green

Cover for She Came From the Swamp by Darva Green

Title: She Came From the Swamp

Author: Darva Green

Pages: 104

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Nadezhda is returning to her grandmother’s home in the swamp to get away from her crazy family. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself dreamwalking with an ancient kikimora, or to be attracted to her. 

Well this was a wonderful and super spicy monster romance. Nadezhda and Mora had a very steamy and intense romance. They instantly want each other but Mora pushes Nadezhda away thinking she will grow bored with her but Nadezha makes it clear that she wants Mora just how she is. Their relationship was intense from the very beginning and very steamy, especially that hot tub scene. 

“I feed off the fear of humans. Yet, here you are, wanting the monster lurking beneath it all?”

Mora’s history and story was very interesting. I really liked learning about her and how she is tied to people. Sadly, we don’t get very much of Nadezhda’s story. We get a vague reference to her family being part of a murder cult thing and that they are always trying to drag her into their missions. It was never really clear and was confusing. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable and short monster romance. I really liked Nadezhda and Mora and enjoyed their steamy relationship. 

Trigger Warnings: death of a grandparent, emotionally abusive family members, bullying,

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