Review: The Snake, The Crocodile, and the Dog by Elizabeth Peters

Title: The Snake, The Crocodile, and The Dog

Author: Elizabeth Peters

Narrator: Barbara Rosenblat

Series: Amelia Peabody #7

Length: 15 hours and 15 mins

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Amelia and Emerson are returning to Egypt for another year of excavation, but for the first time in years they will be alone. Unfortunately, their plans are quickly changed when Emerson emerges from an ambush with no memory of Amelia. 

This was an interesting one because we finally return to just Amelia and Emerson in Egypt. But, as usual with these two, nothing goes as planned. I enjoyed this one, even if I did get irritated at times by Emerson’s views on women. I definitely like the Emerson that is more progressive towards women than this younger version. Amelia is definitely emotional in this one. It was the most emotion I think we have seen from her, which is understandable. 

The mystery around this is more muted I felt because the main focus was on trying to get Emerson’s memories back. But, while it was muted, I did think it was a good mystery plot about why Emerson and Amelia were being targeted. 

Overall, this was another enjoyable mystery for Amelia and Emerson. I liked the break from the children and seeing these two rekindle their love for each other. 

Trigger Warnings: kidnapping, torture, drug use, violence, death

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