Review: Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

Title: Legends & Lattes

Author: Travis Baldree

Pages: 318

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Well this was an adorable, slow burn, coffee shop-core novel! After years of being a warrior, Viv cashes out on the warrior life for a dream of a coffee shop. While her dream seems to be working out, an old frenemy has returned to stir up trouble for her. 

I really adored this wonderful book! Viv is fulfilling her dream of opening a coffee shop in a town that has never heard of coffee. While the odds may be against her, with the help of some new friends she makes it work and her business flourishes. I really loved Viv. She was kind, awkward, and just a wonderful friend. I love how she instantly steps up to help out others and protect them if necessary. 

The secondary characters in this were also wonderful. Tandri is a succubus who instantly takes to the coffee shop life. She brings balance to Viv and helps keep her centered on her dream, and not her past. I really adored their very slow romance, which isn’t cemented until the very end of the book, but worked very well for the story. The other secondary characters, Cal and Thimble, were also lovely. I really liked Thimble and his amazing baking. Everything he made just made me crave sweets. 

This was a very surprising fantasy romance that was very different from what I usually read. The book had a lot of day-to-day running of the coffee shop, which I was afraid would get boring but it actually worked really well with the characters. Overall, this was a fun, relaxing, and very wholesome story about following dreams, found family, and love. 

Trigger Warnings: arson, stalking, violence

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