Review: Cat by Sandra R. Neeley

Cover for Cat by Sandra R. Neeley

Title: Cat

Author: Sandra R. Neeley

Pages: 31

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

This was a very short sci-fi romance with a very unique alien. Orlgo was exiled on a small space station years ago because of his species. When Chloe’s ship is damaged she makes an emergency landing on the station thinking it’s abandoned. Days later she realizes that might not be the case. 

This was an interesting alien. Orlgo survives off of emotions and psychic connections. He is also invisible, shapeless, and colorless so it makes him very easy to hide. He quickly realizes Chloe is his Host, basically fated mate, and sets about making her trust him. I think Orlgo was an interesting species but was a bit confused on how he went from being an invisible being to having a body. It wasn’t clear. Also I didn’t love some of his actions when Chloe was sleeping. 

Chloe is a woman who has lived alone for years and prefers it. She likes all the amenities of the station and enjoys the cat. That is basically all we really learn about Chloe. She was a bit of a flat character. She does agree to being Origo’s host very quickly though. It didn’t feel very romantic to me. 

Overall, this had an interesting alien but needed more character depth for me to actually enjoy it.

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