Review: Wolf Rising by Paige Tyler

Cover for Wolf Rising by Paige Tyler

Title: Wolf Rising

Author: Paige Tyler

Series: SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #8

Pages: 384

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Jayden Brooks doesn’t expect to ever find his soul mate, especially not during the middle of a hostage situation. When he saves high school teacher Selena Rosa he finds himself instantly smitten, but things get complicated when he realizes the event triggered her werewolf gene. 

I enjoyed Jayden and Selena’s story. Jayden was a mountain of a man with just as big of a heart. He really went out of his way to take care of everyone and protect them. I liked him a lot. Selena was a dedicated teacher who never gave up on her students. She is the kind of teacher that every student should have. I loved her dedication and drive to protect her kids, and Jayden. 

Jayden and Selena’s relationship was fast paced and filled with some deadly situations. I enjoyed their relationship, even when Selena was freaking out about what she was. We also get new information about Omega’s in this book which was unexpected, but also made a lot of sense because not everyone will react the same to the change. 

There was quite a lot of story progression in this. We get new information about the hunters and who has been helping them. There is also a new battle against them. I actually am really enjoying the story progression with the hunters now that it is picking up. 

Overall, a good addition to the series. I look forward to seeing what is going to happen next with the hunters. 

Trigger warnings: two separate school attacks, parental and sibling death by gang violence, overdose (on page)

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