Review: My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood

Cover for My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood

Title: My Evil Mother

Author: Margaret Atwood

Narrator: Hillary Huber

Length: 57 min. 

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

This is actually the first book of Margaret Atwood’s that I have read. This is a very short story about a girl who struggles with her mother, who may be a witch. It shows the normal teenage rebellion and lack of understanding of adult choices. It also shows how parents actions affect you as you grow into an adult, which for this girl, means pushing her away and going through phases where she was in her life. 

This was an ok story for me. I didn’t have high expectations since it is only 32 pages (57min). It did feel like a full story so that was good for being so short. I just didn’t really care for the writing style or lack of character details, like names. I did think this was an interesting look at the lies parents tell children to get them to behave and possible mental illnesses for older people. 

I did expect her to discuss the “witchcraft” with her mother sooner though because it was weird that she never would have a frank conversation with her about it until the very end. Like I said, this was ok. If this was longer I might have stopped reading/listening to it.

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