ARC Review: The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to Earth Magick by Lindsay Squire

Cover for The Witch of the Forest's Guide to Earth Magick by Lindsay Squire

Title: The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to Earth Magick

Author: Lindsay Squire

Pages: 176

Release Date: April 12, 2022

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

After reading Lindsay’s previous book Natural Magick, I knew I wanted to read this one. This was a beautifully illustrated, informative, and easy to follow book about utilizing earth magick for your craft. 

This book covers casting a circle and ritual basics, the four elements, the four seasons, earth magick, crystals, divination, empath care, and shadow work. Each section is broken down into manageable chunks so it never feels overwhelming, which will be great for beginners, or those trying to get back into their craft. Also, the illustrations in each section are beautiful and I love the quick reference illustrations. 

I found the section about shadow work to be very helpful because it is a bit daunting, but she easily breaks it down and provides simple, but very helpful, exercises and journal prompts to get you started. If you are wanting to start dipping your toe into shadow work but don’t up to a whole book on it yet, I suggest picking this book up and trying out the simple suggestions she provides in that chapter. 

Overall, this was a very informative and beautifully illustrated book. While I am not a beginner, I am struggling to get back into my craft so this book, and her previous book, have been a very helpful start for me. I will definitely be buying a physical copy of this once it comes out. 

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