Review: Possession by J. R. Ward

Cover for Possession by J. R. Ward

Title: Possession

Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Fallen Angels #5

Pages: 578

1 out of 5 stars
1 stars – Not for me.

Well this is disappointing, but for the first time ever, I hate a book by Ward. I have had issues with this series being repetitive but I didn’t expect to dislike all the new characters, and end up disliking Jim even more. 

To begin with, the heroine, Cait, is trying to revitalize her life and does the extreme of dating two men at once. Which if all parties had known about this and had discussed, I would have been fine with, but she basically hides it from one of them. Outside of Cait being with two people at the same time, I found her a boring character. 

Duke, one of Cait’s love interests, is a bit of an asshole. For most of the book he blames his ex from college on not finishing med school and ruining his life. At the end we find that isn’t true but just what he has told himself for years, also this has caused him to actively be harmful to his ex. There were other things about Duke that bothered me but I don’t feel like writing it all here. 

G.B. is Cait’s other love interest. He is a possessive charismatic psycho who easily manipulates people. Duke, G.B., and Cait’s relationship was boring and I found myself skimming most of it. Actually I found myself skimming a lot of this book because I just couldn’t stand any of the things happening in this book. 

Now onto Jim and Sissy. At the end of the last book we see Jim make a deal with Devina for Sissy’s soul. As you can imagine, Jim almost instantly ignores his duty and focuses only on Sissy. I was fine with this but I don’t like how Jim thinks about Sissy. He is possessive of her and considers her his. It’s kind of gross considering she is a 19 year old girl. Also, Jim gives in really easy to Devina and keeps having sex with her, which just makes me hate him more. 

Like I said, I basically hated this book. I was tempted to stop it many times but I pushed through because I do want to read the next book and see how this ends. I don’t have high hopes for the next book after reading this but hopefully I won’t hate it like I did this one. 

Trigger warnings: Suicide. Cait is dating two men at once. Violent death. Sibling death referenced. 

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