ARC Review: Tough Luck by Annabeth Albert

Title: Tough Luck

Author: Annabeth Albert

Series: A-List Security #1

Pages: 286

Release date: March 24, 2022

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Cash is struggling to decide what he wants to do with his life now that he is no longer a Navy SEAL. When his best friend asks Cash to protect his younger brother from a potential stalker, he agrees. What he doesn’t expect is to find himself falling for Danny. 

I loved this. Cash and Danny were an adorable couple! I couldn’t get enough of their story and was sad when it ended. Cash is struggling to adjust to civilian life and doesn’t really know what he wants to do with his future. Cash was wonderful. He was protective, kind, and super supportive of Danny, which was just what he needed. I loved how he went out of his way so Danny could experience new things. Cash is also finally exploring what he does and doesn’t like when it comes to his sexuality. He just knows that sex has been underwhelming for him.  Danny is wonderful in supporting his explorations and allowing him to take the time to work though his thoughts on it. 

“You give me space to find myself. I thought I needed miles of open road. Turns out I simply needed you.”

Danny was a child actor who’s regimented and controlled life meant that he never got to experience a lot of things. He doesn’t know how to do basic things like laundry, driving, etc. His years of addiction also prevented him from actually figuring out what he truly likes and doesn’t like. There were a lot of wonderful scenes with Danny trying things for the first time and Cash just being super supportive and helpful during them. I loved their relationship and how they took care of each other, especially mentally. 

Overall, this was a wonderful couple, and a wonderful start to a new series. I can’t wait to read the next one and learn more about the men of A-List Security. Also, I really want to see how these two will be in future books. 

Trigger warnings: addiction, PTSD, stalking, toxic parents

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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