Review: Wherever Is Your Heart by Anita Kelly

Title: Wherever Is Your Heart

Author: Anita Kelly

Series: Moonlighters #3

Pages: 108

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

For years June has been coming to Moonie’s just to pine after the bartender, Mel. As Pride weekend kicks off, June is determined to finally make a move on Mel. What she doesn’t know is that Mel has also been pining for her all these years too. 

This was another wonderful LGBTQ novella from Anita Kelly. I loved Mel and June’s story. They have both been pining after each other for so long, which is one of my favorite tropes. I loved how they both were so awkward and scared about asking each other out, but once they did, they didn’t waste any time. 

We just get to see the beginning of their relationship in this book, but it was a wonderful start. They were open about their fears and what they wanted out of a relationship, even discussing the possibility of an open relationship. It just showed how well these two knew themselves and how mature they were to discuss these topics right away before the relationship started. It was actually a nice break from younger characters who are still figuring themselves out. 

While a short novella, this was a wonderful book about pining, growing old, soft butches, and taking chances. I really hope we get more novellas in this series because I am really loving these little stories about Moonie’s. Also, hopefully we will see these two again in future books. 

Trigger Warnings: Alcoholic parents who died driving drunk. 

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